Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Tuesday was awful. Had to put the day out of its misery with half a bottle of leftover wine and a tylenol PM awful. Today, however, was specifically the opposite. Still racing around like a maniac, but no longer wasting my time. Work, errands, teaching my first lecture of the semester. I had been worried, because I had noticed in the ladies' room beforehand that Tuesday was still lingering on my face, and students will hate you 1.5 times as much as you hate being there. But class went outrageously well. I mean, holding forth on logic to a captivated audience of lawyers and investment bankers well. Then I went to a reading thing (that is, of some new books, by their authors) and it turns out, over wine with authors, that everyone else doubts/hates/loves/fears the things that come out of their mouths too. It is a matter of not singing to the deaf.

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