Saturday, May 26, 2007

Yesterday I went here

It's a factory in the neighbourhood that makes all the lox you see in the grocery stores. Acme. On Friday mornings (that seems right in the Polish neighbourhood, huh?), they sell direct off the line to walk-in customers. The woman who helped us kept generously slicing off and handing us samples with her wet, fishy rubber gloves. You actually can tell the difference between the wild and the farmed. When it came time to buy, she cut us off a half-pound sized chunk like we asked, then threw the other half in for us as well.

Look, the NYTimes made a video about the place.

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miss suzanne said...

that is magical. wait, did you eat fish today instead of move? or was the fish in celebration of moving?

hmm. i've never had lox. what a super comment this is!