Sunday, May 20, 2007

Ever more subway stories

So the other day, I'm waiting on the platform for the L train, and it isn't even that late at night (10ish), and there aren't a lot of people around cuz a train just went by, and this woman my age is drinking a big bottle of Yoohoo. On my other side, this other young woman my age suddenly takes two steps towards the platform and projectile vomits some brown liquid that looks exactly like Yoohoo. Straight outta the Exorcist, my friends. A solid stream five foot arc onto the tracks. I turn away and look back at the first woman, who kind of smirks and then takes another huge sip of her drink.

The other other day, I'm sitting on the G train, and this woman turns on her 8-year-old daughter and SMACKS SMACKS SMACKS SMACKS her square in the face. Then buries her own face in her hands and cries. Her daughter is totally cowed, looks around embarrassed, shifts over a seat. The mom glares at her as though her daughter has hurt her feelings, and poutily moves over a seat towards her.

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Aaron, Kate, Will and Wyatt said...

Minus the Train, add a beat up 2007 Dodge truck, minus the crying add some cussing and screaming...are you sure you don't live in La Loche?!?