Saturday, February 09, 2008

Kate, Charlotte

Hm - didn't know about the Carnegie Deli. Katz's is good too (the place where Meg Ryan faked her orgasm - it's still there, and a rather down-to-earth, real place). You also need to:

- get your nails done at some quintessential Asian lady nails place (there are $7 places in the village and many places in my hood)
- go clothes shopping in SoHo
- walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and have pizza at Grimaldi's at the other end
- have dinner or drinks at some ridonculously cute bistro on Bleecker in the West Village
- rifle through the vintage clothing stores in uber-hipster Williamsburg
- get lost in Central Park, or maybe take a carriage ride through it
- eat at at least one celebrity hangout/celebrity chef restaurant (Nobu in Tribeca, the Spotted Pig in the W Village, Les Halles in Grammercy, Bar Americain in Midtown) - do this at lunch because it's cheaper and you're more likely to get a table
- stroll through Chinatown and Little Italy (basically, just walk up Mulberry street)
- go clubbing in the meatpacking district (dress sexy)
- walk down Park/Madison on the UES and look in the windows of Gucci, Prada, etc. and then have a cappucino and people-watch the rich weirdos
- have dinner in Tribeca (we can all go to the nice Belgor-ian place Mom and I went to when she was here)
- have soul food in Harlem (chicken and waffles MMM!)
- do a walking tour of the Lower East Side or Harlem
- get drunk on the Lower East Side, or at secret bar PDT in the E Village (behind a fake wall in a phone booth inside a hot dog place)
- go up to 34th and see the Empire State Building (from the outside) and Macy's (from the inside)
- go to a museum party night (art! booze!) - generally Friday nights - and flirt with the hot artsy types.

Holy shit. That is a good list, both for what it leaves in, and what it leaves out.

I won't be seeing much of you guys since my schedule is pretty wall-to-wall, but when I get home every night at 11:00 I expect there to be Trader Joe's 3-buck-chuck in the fridge (I prefer the Sauvignon Blanc). I will give you a set of keys, and you can buy a walking map and a 1-week metro card. Bring your cellamaphones and chargers so that you can text each other when you get lost, or me when you need to be bailed out of jail.

Don't forget you're going to need a bag big enough to fit claussen's pickles and cheeze whiz on the way down, and fabulous shoes on the way back.


Phil said...

Surely America isn't out of cheeze whiz? Also, awesome list.

Anonymous said...

Yes, awesome list. How come you and I just sat on your bed and drank wine?

Marianne said...

Cuz we old.

Anonymous said...

Well then while they're young they better take in Grand Central Station for the architecture and Century 21 for the bargains.

Marianne said...

Agreed - I mentioned that in my subsequent email. And as Charlotte pointed out, the NY Public Library. And they're going to do a Sex & the City tour. And I think they should go to Barney's.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, this looks oddly familiar.

I'm so stoked for this. There's so much to do and see; I cant wait. (though I would probably have just as much fun sitting on your bed and drinking wine).

Christian said...

When do I get a spin on Luscious Logico's "Nutty New York Tour and Debauch"? Ma?

Anonymous said...

When you can afford it. When you have holiday time built up. The pass is just sitting there in the computer waiting for you to use.

Aaron, Kate & Will said...

Will just asked me "Why you laughing Mummy?" Because Marianne is hilarious, I reply. That list is 100% enviable. Except for #1...walk in for a $7 manicure, walk out with a fingernail fungus. Call me a germaphobe if you want...I'll admit it. And I've never had a fingernail fall off because of said phobia. Score one point for me. Unless the $7 asian places in the states are far better than their counterparts in Canada? At this point in pregnancy it's the pizza at the Brooklyn Bridge that strikes my a slice for me. Well, maybe 2.