Saturday, September 22, 2007

I bet there would be brie with almonds

On the weekend, all the trains are diverted away from Lower Manhattan, I know not why. Of course, taking the diverted train over the Manhattan bridge at sunset is not a bad thing. Neither is walking home from Canal, on account of which you will run into a crowd of black cowboys from New Jersey (I know this because there were several horse trailers with Garden State plates and the guys had printed shirts that read: "Cowboy"). But my fave was the 50-something couple from Staten Island who had come into the city to shop and were trying to figure out how to get back to the ferry terminal (recall: no trains). Because Staten Island is this great, great irony - a NY borough but totally parochial. They were both so New York and suburban, middle class, boring. I really want to go to their house for dinner.


the goose a prisoner said...

someday we'll compare notes about how we have made love to the same city, and we will become jealous at certain things, things that one of us noticed that the other didn't, things she revealed to one of us and not the other, and we'll laugh and say things like "Yeah, that's the City!", and we'll cry and say things like "Yeah, that's the City."

Wait a sec, we're already doing that! ;)

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What happened to the third last blog (which I didn't get)?