Tuesday, May 15, 2007


See, I meant to blog this story, but I ended up telling it to a couple of people already, and now I feel redundant blogging it. Even though I only told it to two people, and a good 7 read this blog. I keep this blog so I don't have to talk to anyone. Individually, like. But then it kind of undermines me when I get home and people say "SO TELL ME A NEW YORK STORY" and I don't know whether they are one of the 7 people who read my blog, where anything remotely interesting that happens to me is reposited, and I would feel like an ass telling the same mediocre (non)story twice, and so I just stare at them.

Yesterday I moved out of the dorm. Yep, I am no longer a Financial Districtite, which is really weird, since I lost my bed and roommates and living space and grocery store and neighbours and street and subway stop and zip code all at once. I moved my stuff into the storage space a ten-minute walk away. I had a hell of a time getting a cab to take it all there. After being turned down a few times, one guy spelled it out for me:

[thick NY accent] "Look lady, it's a $2 fare, and I have to do all the heavy lifting. Forget it."

I wasn't letting this guy go - he had a minivan. So I bribed him with a $20 tip. Isn't that cool and spontaneous of me to make a side deal with the cabbie like that? I am proud of myself.

So that was a long effing day. I had to lug my giant suitase and a couple of bags across the East River on the subway. People kept offering to help, but I turned them all down. And now I am squatting someplace temporarily, before going someplace temporarily-permanently. By some confluence of parental aid and being in the right place at the right time, I actually am getting MY VERY OWN APARTMENT, four subway stops from school. This is a New York miracle. Oh man. Sometimes it all works out.


Anonymous said...

So are these seven readers the ones spread out over mainland China? And if so, how do they ask you questions about New York? Oh, it's not them? Well then why do people living in New York come up to you and ask you for a New York story? I'm confused. But love the nod.


Aaron, Kate, Will and Wyatt said...

Yeah, those parental types do seem to come in handy. And yours are pretty good lookin' to boot. (Another nod for Auntie) Miss you guys! Convo is a little um, well, unskilled here. Except for this great friend (Another wife) who is a teacher. She's great at trivia and I'm teaching her nerts. (sp?)

M said...

You spell Nerts however you damn well want.

I spell it Nrrhx

Anonymous said...

If you've been saying nrrhx all this time then you haven't won a single hand.

Unknown said...

congrats on the new digs, and thanks for the bday wishes!