Friday, April 27, 2007

Complete effing mystery solved

There are grates everywhere in the sidewalk here, mostly to vent the subways, and for some reason this is one city that doesn't bother putting those oversized cartoon shoe prints on them so that women in heels have something to step on. And yet: I have seen stiletto-heeled New York women glide over them without skipping a damn beat. I have seen this over and over: without looking even looking down they will walk right over these one-inch-wide grates in a spike with the surface area of a Q-tip. So the other day, I'm standing on the street having a cig and it happens yet again, and friend notices my complete mystification and explains, "They just put all their weight on their toes."



Unknown said...

i find it hard to believe that you, a trained logician, couldn't make that inference

Aaron, Kate, Will and Wyatt said...

Probably because you, much like myself, prefer to not cram your foot into a very pretty piece of human torture. Looks great and you pay for it down the road. The only place fit for a stiletto is a fancy dinner party where you only walk from your house to the car, the car to their house and the front door to your chair. And your feet still kill you for days after...
You have so much more class then me. You keep your mouth shut and quietly contemplate. I would have dropped my cig (if I smoked), ran over to her and yelled "How on earth do you DO that???"