Friday, August 01, 2008

Money Shabbas

I have been inventing a lot of things lately, dear reader, including this one - on account of how impossible I find it to save money here, what with all of my money being somewhat imaginary, Canadian accounts drained via American ATMs, mounting debt debt debt following by a sudden infusion of scholarship cash, credit card bills whose statements I stopped receiving when I moved across the border two years ago. And so forth. Added to this the fact that I live in New York ffs, my rent is so high it may as well be higher (and as of last month it is), cooking casseroles to be frugal ends up costing more money because staples are so overpriced, and finally the fact that I make so many of my spending decisions while drunk.

And so I invented the money shabbas. You must get through the entire day without spending any money. It is fun, like an obstacle course. You have to raid the cupboards and pack food and know where to find free things and walk a lot. Very gratifying, though.

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lisa said...

That is a fucking awesome idea.