Sunday, February 25, 2007

Give me an unlimited food allowance, I may never leave

Now, readers of this blog, you only score minimal NY-savoir points if you know that you can order all of your groceries online from Fresh Direct and have them delivered to your house at a time that is convenient for you. But guess what else? Oh my god, I can hardly say it, it's so cool. You can go to their site, browse recipes - including vegan, or kosher, or home-schooled-Park-Slope-celiac-child-friendly recipes - and then, like, click "buy", and it has already put all of the ingredients in your virtual shopping cart, except that it's so smart that it didn't put "olive oil" or "salt" in there because it figures you already have those things in your house, but they're also listed right there at the bottom of the page in case you are out, such that all you have to do is tick them off.

So last night I took advantage of all this and cooked dinner at a friend's house, who has a blender and a stove and a food processor what I don't have. Lamb and Lentil soup with Walnut and Rocquefort Butter. Says friend: "You know the recipe's fancy when it's asking for the outside of the lemon." Hee.

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