Saturday, June 23, 2007

Mermaid Parade

Once a year at Coney Island. I was too busy sitting on a kerb eating a soft-shell crab sandwich and garlic fries to muscle my way to a good view - you know how my version of tourism is to eat my way through something - but I did see the porn star mermaid float and the Mayor of Brooklyn float and the goth mermaids and the Uncle Sam and I won't even mention how wonderfully queer it all was. Travelling in a big group meant spending a lot of time trying to hook up with each other after someone would go to get a hot dog and go missing for an hour, until eventually Suz and I decided to hit the boardwalk and the beach. I didn't have my suit but I put my feet in the water and my feet on the sand - you know how that's 80% of the beach experience for an urbanite anyway - and some guy came by selling cheap Coronas and I basked in the company of some of the people whose invitations I had been turning down for a month in favour of moving. Then I took a sunned-out, head-lolling, open-mouthed nap home on the F train. There is a fab, fab, hot, sandy beach a subway ride away. Shit.


Anonymous said...

One weekend day in Moscow in the late 80's I bought a hotdog from a Nathan's wagon parked at that beautiful panoramic viewpoint overlooking the city at the university. I tried to pay in $USD but the American vending the hotdogs quipped in his genuine NY accent "Not here pal!" I think the total was about 5 Roubles.


Anonymous said...

No, no. That was pizza, dear. You have always told me it was pizza.