Saturday, June 09, 2007

In a can, yet!

Went to a place called the Trailer Park (known for: tater tots) in Chelsea (known for: the gays), and had tater tots and Sofia Coppola champagne in a can. If any of you know where I can buy some cases of Sofia Coppola champagne in a can to keep in my fridge all the time that would be really helpful thank you.


Suzanne said...

you can buy them online here.

i think i have to get off the internet now.

Phil said...

I went to that site. You can also get a bottle of wine with an Apocalypse Now Redux label and a drawer in the bottom that has the Apocalypse Now Redux DVD. I thought they were kidding.

I think I'd buy a bottle of La Fin Du Monde that had the Journals of Knud Rasmussen in the bottom.

Marianne said...

What is this hi-brow shit? I had to Google six fucking things just to understand that comment.

Phil said...

Ok, I can admit it: I was going to go with Bon Cop, Bad Cop, but I decided it was too lo-brow. Plus, I've seen "The Journals of Knud Rasmussen" so I know that it's awesome and you should watch it.

Aaron, Kate & Will said...

I SO want to order cute little cans of wine. They don't ship to Canada. Bastards. I'm coming to visit you.