Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Ticker tape parade

This morning I went and watched the ticker tape parade for the Giants (Kate, Mom, k-star, they are a "football team" and on Sunday they won the "Superbowl"). Actually, that game was pretty exciting, even though I watched it with a bunch of philosophers.

Anyway, my strip of Broadway - I just told you about this - packed with Giants fans and blizzarding with paper - not ticker tape, mind you. Confetti collected and donated by the city, and then the contents of the office recycling bins, followed by toilet paper, 8 1/2 x 11 printer paper, then whatever the suits could get their hands on. I picked up one of these. I think it's for buying stock.

I was standing next to a bunch of guidos and a bunch of black dudes. They didn't know each other, but they were basically the exact same group of people. The black dudes smoked a blunt, while the guidos killed 2-litre a bottle of port. Here are some excerpts from their conversation:

BDs: "Brookyn represent! Yaaaa! What's the matter, you guys don't like Brooklyn? Where you from?"
Gs: "Valley Stream."
BDs: "Valley Stream represent! Yaaaa!"
Gs: "Go Giants!"
BDs: "Yaaa!"
Gs: "Yaaa!"
BDs: "New York yaaa!"
Gs: "Yaaa!"
BDs: "Yaaa!"
Gs: "Terrorists yaaa!"
BDs: "Yaaa! Haha!"
Gs: "Giuliani yaaa!"
BDs: "Boo."
Gs: "Haha. Boo."

I had to go and pay my rent, on Fulton, but all the streets were closed down, so I got a cop to escort me to the landlord's office.


Not Available said...

I'm glad I wasn't in New York to witness the insanity of a super bowl win. But I like the part about the black guys and the guidos basically being the same. If only they knew.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me but at first I was cheering for "The Pats" cuz I liked the idea that they could be the first team to ever go the entire season, including the SB, undefeated. Like, how cool is that? But you know Brady had up and left his nine-month pregnant girlfriend for a Brazilian supermodel last year. Like, how cheesy is that? And it wasn't sitting well with me. And then I watched Manning play. All heart, that kid. Low profile. True to his college sweetheart. And his brother Peyton won the SB last year. How cool is THAT? Two brothers in a row! So in the end it was the Jets all the way. Hey, and one of their trainers has either been with the team since 1946 or for 46 years. Either way, he touched Broadway Joe's body. Now what were you saying about the game dear?

M said...

Yeah - since 48, ffs! They showed him on camera a few times. Wholeheartedly agree with you about Brady and Gisele (who remains, to my eyes, the most beautiful women I may ever have seen). Someone at the party tried to cast aspersions on Brady's looks, and hey, he ain'y my time, but I just looked at this guy and said, "Are you KIDDING me?" And he got it.

The thing about Eli, as far as I'm concerned, is that he's unflappable. And that is precisely what makes him the player that he is. People at the SB party were making fun of him - like after the win: "Don't get excited now! Don't show any emotion!" And he doesn't, but that's just what makes him good in the clutch.

Funniest shit about Tyree: at the press conference thingy at the end of the parade (I saw this on the news - I was watching it without sound cuz I was still reading my Levinas for the lecture tonight), he touched a nerf-like commemorative football to his head and yelled something (I know not what) and I burst out laughing. Shit! That was incredible.

M said...

And Steve: I get what you're saying, but I'm happy just with the way they felt the love across their perceived differences. They all left together mid-parade, actually, to get a better vantage up the street. And you know they went home with their boys that night and said "Those wops[/n-words] we're alright."

Phil said...

I am extremely jealous. The only reason I ever want a local sports team to win is so that I can see a big rowdy party in the streets, and your team won in an upset and your streets are in NY effing C.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of football, did you see that video link on Lainey of Gisele in a bikini and high heels dancing on some rocks high up on a beach to some Latin music? Find it. Watch it carefully.

Christian said...

That's funny, because I will tend to side with the child rearing techniques of the single mom who can throw a softball really hard.

And, while the perfect season would have been cool to see, in 1972, the Dolphins completed the NFL's first perfect season culminating in a Super Bowl win, winning all 14 regular season games, two playoff games and Super Bowl VII.

Kate and/or Mike said...

I love that one of your lengthiest comment conversations is about football.

Anonymous said...

Het, wait a minute...Dad told me that the Pats were the first to get through the season undefeated. Oh what does he know.
And Bunschen Schmunshen. There are plenty of girls with your requirments in S'toon, Christian.
And Maurican football to boot, Kate. (No pun intended.)