Wednesday, November 07, 2007


People here hate Giuliani. I cannot overstate this. I didn't know that before I moved here, so I'm filling you Canadians in.

Take today. Sitting in the ER at St. Vincent's hospital, filling out someone else's forms I brought in but barely know because she's near-unconscious (it occurs to me that I have done this exact thing before with three different people), chatting with the little old lady ER docent, who a propos of nothing (well, the election) gets onto this tirade about him. She even repeatedly called him "evil". "Huh. Can I put a work address for this? So what was so evil about
him?" "Well you know he refused to meet with Virginia Fields, the borough president, because she was black, but even before it came out that he was a racist just the audacity that he would run for president..."

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Rudy Giuliani is racist and evil. But don't trot out the Virginia Fields card. She was also evil (and just happened to be black). People in NYC also really hate Virginia Fields as much as they despise Giuliani. When she ran for Mayor, her campaign imploded. No one would give her money. And now, due to some of her funny business, she owes the NYC Campaign Finance Board around $400,000.

Rudy is bad for many things. But when you cite that he wouldn't meet with Virginia Fields, it creates the false impression that she's good. Not so.