Sunday, November 11, 2007

q w e r t and sometimes y

My friend Eric and I have discussed this: the only way to write a blog, one other people can read, and not die of exposure is to never say anything in it. And this is a guy who gets naked in public regularly.

Hence why I don't blog when things happen, because I have to find something else to talk about. Which begs the question why I blog at all, I guess, and the answer, besides the redoubled voyeurism, the narcissistic attention-seeking (no one has a blog and doesn't track visits to it), etc., is because it provides a little trail of breadcrumbs for my life. All those little evasions are great mnemonics.

That's a picture of my filthy keyboard at work.

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Phil said...

I blog for at least two reasons in addition to the one you mention: first, even the non-things I say tell my mom more about my life than she'd know otherwise. Here's the second reason.