Monday, November 12, 2007

Let's see... I'll call this one The unfamiliar familiarity of the quotidian

Every morning I buy coffee from this coffee truck near work, and the guy who runs it pretends to remember me. I figure it's an overenthusiasm he thinks is good for business, but he always gets my order wrong, and we have the same conversation every day (he's from Egypt; he got here only 7 months ago; he doesn't work weekends; he's looking for a girlfriend). Today he was away from his truck, talking to hotdog man across the street. He saw me from across 5th avenue, and yelled in recognition, "You want coffee?" And then he dodged through four lanes of cabs to make it back to his truck to pour me some, and got it right. Danger. Aw.


Anonymous said...

Yes, but don't date him.

Kate and/or Mike said...

Based on what, Mom?

Marianne said...


[aside to the audience: someone dates someone who is arab!

now, let's watch...]

Phil said...

Man, it's hard to keep up with your love life when it's on TV so infrequently. Unless it's Mom who's dating someone arab?

Anonymous said...
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