Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Food, flora, etc.

So the poverty. Yeah. Always looking to score free food. Jk - I did that when I wasn't poor. Anyway, Union Square is a good place to try. Always granola bars and cans of iced tea and random calories like that. But the other day, it was flowers. While friend and I sat on the steps and cried about boys, this kid came up and asked us if we wanted a flower. I accepted; friend declined but asked why they were handing them out. "Because it's cool."

And I carried that gerbera all over town and then home in a plastic bag, crushed between my new frying pan and air mattress, then abandoned it all Thursday night while partying at a friend's, then finally placed it in a cup of water on Friday. Five days later it's still looking good.

Apartment: decorated.

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