Tuesday, August 07, 2007


As part of my poncy NewYorkification, I now get my pommade at Kiehl's, whose flagship New York store is in the East Village, and staffed by white-coated salespeople whose official title is probably "grooming scientist" and who take what they do VERY SERIOUSLY. Anyway, on my first visit to this store, my grooming scientist filled my little tote bag with a bunch of samples he hand selected for me even though I was only buying one overpriced pot of hair wax, and yes mom this may be because I clearly don't wear makeup or moisturize or comb my hair (once I have applied the wax).

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Anonymous said...

Of course you do, dear. I've seen you use product, I just saw product in your toilettry bag last week, I've even borrowed your product(s) in the past. But it's your money. You spend it the way you want.