Saturday, March 24, 2007

Now starring Scarlett Johansson

Friend nannies for some screwy rich people in the West Village. Both parents are home all day, mind you, but they'd rather pay someone else $15 an hour to raise their kids.

Last week the mom's parents were coming over to see their grandkids, so the mom preemptively cleared out of the house. Yup. While the grandparents were visiting, they chatted my friend up, like you do, about where she's from and such, as the kids played happily in the back yard and the house gleamed from my friend having cleaned it top to bottom earlier that day, until the dad pulled my friend aside and told her she was not paid to socialize. And then, because he can't stand the grandparents anymore than his wife can, he sent my friend out to have dinner with them and the kids.

When the grandparents left, they cordially shook their son-in-law's hand and gave my friend a big hug goodbye. Aw.

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