Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Bad news, ma

Remember when you asked me to buy you that potato peeler that you had read about in all the papers and magazines, and so I went to where the guy sold them in Union Square, and it seemed like he was just selling ordinary potato peelers but with a really good schtick, and so I didn't buy one, but then later I found out that no, they really are good potato peelers, so I went back to buy you one, except then I couldn't find the guy anymore, for months and months, except for occasionally hearing from someone that he had popped up in Brooklyn Heights, or some other neighbourhood, until one sunny day I was walking through Union Square, and suddenly there he was again, and so I bought you your potato peeler and mailed it to you and you promptly put it in your metal utensil drawer and forgot about it, and when I was home for the holidays and peeling potatoes for Todd's Chanukkah dinner of latkes and ham, it got used for the first time?

Well hold on to that because sadly, that guy died.


Christian said...

The potato peeling world has truly lost an artist and a father figure.

Phil said...

I heard his daughter inherited all his peelers, is training herself, and will be back at Union Square as soon as possible.

M said...

I know. Her Rocky-inspired musical training montage on youtube is something to behold.