Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Cheapest Food in New York

The current issue of New York Magazine is all about "Cheap Eats." To them, this means getting in and out of a restaurant for $25. Pardon my T9, but dual you, New York Magazine. The summer months are lean, at least for my friends and me. I have compiled the following list of hot food for under $2 just for us.

Papaya Dog is my favourite of the hot dog chains. It has hot dogs (even chili dogs!) for under $2, not to mention the cheese fries

Speaking of hot dogs, you can get all kinds of food for under $2 at hot dog carts like beef patties, pretzels, knish, kabobs

Speaking of carts, you can get all kinds of food for under $2 at coffee carts:
coffee and pastries are only 75c
a hard-boiled egg is 50c
a bagel with cream cheese $1.25

For that matter, at pretty much any deli you can get a bagel with cream cheese (I like everything bagels cuz it seems more like a meal) for under $2

One thing that is getting harder to find is a slice for under $2, although a friend from out of town got one for $1 on St. Marks (although he said it was awful)

However, you can get all kinds of food for under $2 in Chinatown: pork buns are 50c, six dumplings are $1 (this means 12 dumplings are $2!), hot and sour soup is $1

In the Financial District, you can get $2 sushi at Bento Nouveau, insofar as all of their sushi is half price after 7pm

Anytime of day, however, you can get $2 falafel at Mamoun's near NYU (and $1 falafel at Cinderella in the East Village)

Hamburgers, cheeseburgers, fries, and onion rings are all under $2 at The Patriot (and the slutty bartenders will buy you shots)

But best of all, worth the train ride, are all the Puerto Rican and Mexican delights in Bushwick. Tacos are $2 at the Tortilleria - lots of meat and pretty filling

And there is an Empanada stand at Knickerbocker and Myrtle - $1

Pupusas (stuffed with beans, cheese, pork, etc.) are mostly under $2 at El Salvador Restaurant

A bit further afield, you can get Russia's/Uzbekistan's/Ukraine's version of meat-stuffed dough from table vendors on Brighton Beach Avenue for only $1.25

Or India's version, back in the city at Washington Square Park: samosas are $1 from the NY Dosa cart

I even made a google map:

View Cheapest Eats in a larger map


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