Monday, March 24, 2008

Knowledge is power gross

Since New York is old, highly-populated, narcissistic, it is well-catalogued.

According to a certificate of occupancy issued on this building in the 1930s, there used to be two stores in the basement.

There are six construction violations on my building, all overdue and "no compliance."

I live in the first precinct. Last week there were three robberies, one felony assault, and 22 grand larcenies.

Registered sex offender workplaces outnumber registered sex offender residences in my neighbourhood by about six to one.

My bodega was cited for six violations (totaling 26 violation points) when it was inspected in December.

Your house
Your bodega
This should not exist

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Phil said...

Man, that's awesome, to be able to get that information. I don't even know when this house was built, let alone how many grand larcenies there were in it last month.