Friday, November 16, 2007

Okay, I won't spoil this with a sarcastic title. Okay, I will.

I took the 1 train first thing this morning. It was half-full, yet very quiet. Like a bad movie montage, I kept cutting out to flash back to moments of this past year that I am thinking about. I got off at 168th, which is definitely my new favourite station. It's very... underground. Seems older than it probably is. Then a bus along the parkway, to "Orangeburg" (allegedly), NY. I didn't know there was a county west of Westchester - that north of the Bronx, New York state swung left and annexed land west of the Hudson from New Jersey. Then a bus back nine hours later, stuck in weekend tollbooth commuter traffic, listening to a sweet friend of a friend go on but unable to engage. Over an unfamiliar bridge, down the island on the east side, and dropped off close to the East River. The whole day was canny/uncanny - in my city but in completely unfamiliar surroundings and streets, and all day I didn't see a face I recognized.

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