Wednesday, February 21, 2007

That's the sound of scrupulous honesty

Since getting a portable mp3-playing device for Christmas, circulating about the city has been a whole "nother" affair. The long subway rides are enjoyable, I have the ability to tweak my mood, and I have a soundtrack to accompany steamrolling over people on the sidewalk. Thanks, Christian.

So then imagine my despondence when I realized today that I had lost said portable mp3-playing device. Checked everywhere twice, then realized the only place it could be was the Y. Pallots. Yesterday. Couches across from the pool area.

I dug out my membership, called the number, and sure as shit they had it for me in an envelope at the front desk. Just like that.

This is why a month ago I created a post label called "lost and found". This city gives and it gives.


Christian said...

That device was designed that size specifically so you can store it in the pocket between your gums and your cheek. When you bite down on the headphones the music resonates through the skull and the acoustics are amazing. Although it's tough hailing a cab without barfing the assembly into the storm drain.

Marianne said...

That's where I keep my phone, though.