Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Music and babies

I had only half an hour's lead time when I found out Bob Dylan - who I have always been such a fan of that when asked, during my Grade 11 Dutch oral exam, to name one of my heroes, I replied, having just read Robert Zimmerman's unauthorized biography, Bob Dylan - was playing at the Prospect Bark Bandshell, and that is barely enough time to get to Brooklyn. I knew I wasn't going to get tickets and get in, but I was counting on watching from the grass beyond, what you can always do with shows there. It turned out that they had built a giant gauze-y fence just for this (because I am sure otherwise they never would have sold those 800 tickets to BOB DYLAN), and so I didn't even get a glimpse. But there was something much better to look at: my friends' 16-day-old baby, who is so cute you could eat him with a spoon.

...And as I write this, guess who just came on CKUA.

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Anonymous said...

hahaha bob dylan with a soother in his mouth - ahahaha