Monday, August 18, 2008

Another guest post

This one from my intern... enjoy!

Louise Bourgeois has a show at the Guggenheim right now. She was the first gal to ever get their main stage (that was back in the '80s) and now, in her 90's and still working, she has a retrospective there. This retrospective reveals that not only is the old bag still working, she is still working out her dad issues, or her phallic mother issues, depending on what angle you look at her triple-breasted-headless-dog-statue-with-a-penistail. Much of her stuff involves lumps: breast/penis fungal eruptions usually seen in groups, but sometimes appearing one at a time or in pairs, sometimes swaddled in drapery, sometimes nude. Many things hang sack-like from the ceiling (like balls or breasts), some things protrude from the floor (like peens or breasts). Any way you slice it, you most certainly feel like you're in a hybrid universe, somewhere between your own id and the think-tank for the Aliens films set design. It's kind of bad-ass. You will leave wondering what shape (egg, penis, breast, ball, spider, etc.) your unconscious desires would assume, if Louise was doing their portrait.

At one point, an old man came around the corner and, with a look of contempt/exhaustion/disgust, exclaimed: "now what the hell is this supposed to be??" I wanted to tell him, "look closely old man, those are your Oedipal wishes cast in plaster!!" But I think, at some level, he already knew.


Anonymous said...

Mmmm! Brownie with whipped cream!

Christian said...

I don't think Louise Bourgeois' daddy was circumcised.

Anonymous said...

that's a clitoris. yeah, the big one on the right.
who's with me?