Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Grand Prospect Hall

Look, New York has its parochialisms too. This is best seen, as is true anywhere, in the local tv spots.

One that runs all the time is for the Grand Prospect Hall, in Brooklyn. I tried desperately to find it for you, but could only find its 1986 predecessor which, obviously, does not disappoint.

The new version, I can assure you, is essentially the same, only Alice and Michael are 20 years older, and still can't say "ProspecT". (And, interestingly, they no longer say "Minutes away in Brookyn," since anyone who can still afford to live in Manhattan these days is no longer in their target audience.) Oh, wow. Somebody marry me so we can do it there.


Anonymous said...

Uncle Joe in Brooklyn? Uncle Marvin? Auntie Marsha? No, you'd better come home to get married.

Christian said...

But it's so beautiful!