Sunday, September 09, 2007

Funny/Not funny

What do you do when life sucks? Go see comedy in Chelsea, duh. What with the show costing $0, you have to line up a little early for tickets. And you get bored and tired from the humidity, and you buy a Tab at Gristedes and sit on the sidewalk in the non-moving line, and then you realize it's so humid that that sidewalk gum has transferred to the seat of your pants, and so you have to spend several minutes picking it off (it was mint), and really you couldn't be in a better place than Chelsea if you're going to sit on the sidewalk and touch your own ass for a prolonged period of time. Lame joke!

Because Chelsea is gay. Which also makes for the very interesting phenomenological experience of walking around late at night and knowing none of the men will attack you.

Oh, and New York kissed me on the forehead once again when I saw this in the window of said Gristedes.


Anonymous said...

So what's Gristede's ML as opposed to my ML?

Phil said...

It's so not humid here that I wore a scarf to school today on top of my jacket. And what's with life sucking all of a sudden for everyone at the same time?

the goose a prisoner said...

I <3 ...?

...My Life?

Dunk said...

Marinator Lives!!!

Marianne said...