Friday, January 18, 2008

Random conversations with strangers on Park Avenue South, Friday

guy walking by: “Damn, you beautiful.”
me: “Thanks.”
guy: “What’s your name?”
me: “Marianne."
guy: "Hi Marianne, I’m James."
me: "Hi James."
James: "You from New York?"
me: "Yes."
James: "Me too, Marianne. You have a good night!"

girl: "Hey, can I bum a smoke?"
me: [getting one]
girl: "I’m really sorry – I wouldn’t ask – I hate it when people ask, but I just got off work"
me: "It’s no problem."
girl: "– and I served Giadia de Laurentiis! I went up to the table, and I was like oh my god, it's her! I’m in training, and we’re totally not supposed to do this, but my family and I love her and when her friends got up to use the restroom I just had to tell her!"
me: "Oh, yeah? That’s exciting!"
friend: "What does she look like in real life?"
girl: "Exactly the same as on tv."
me: "She looks anorexic."
girl: "She was so nice."

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Christian said...

She probably looked pregnant.