Sunday, January 04, 2009

Bumper nuts

Finally visited the ghosts in Edmonton - the river valley, the highlevel bridge, Bistro Praha, Gateway Blvd, my old building, the scumbags who run the Garneau Pub, the University, Save-on-Foods, my uphill climb to Bay LRT station, the mall downtown, it was minus thirty-seven and yes that is my friend's truck. What's lovely? All of it, including how everyone mixes - knows each other, at least indirectly, the blue collar wobs and the poncy graduate students. Edmonton is where I made it, cobbled together an apartment-household over three years, finished my MA, got my first career-stream jobs, and feels way more like hometown than Calgary. There are two tenure-track jobs listed for the U of A, and I keep my fingers crossed that at least one of them stays open for the next three years.


Lindsey said...

Are those gold bumper nuts? I prefer the blue ones, actually.

Steve said...

were you in Edmonton? We have books to exchange!