Sunday, May 04, 2008

SMS Highlight Reel, vol. 14: Karl Lagerfeld edition

"With [friend] eating bagels next to Karl Lagerfeld. My drunk ass told him he was my namesake. He didn't believe me."

I asked my friend
a) what Karl Lagerfeld said in response
b) whether he had his bitchbeating fan with him
c) whether he was actually, really eating a bagel.

a) "Scoffed dismissingly, saying (under his breath) "oh I'm sure of that."

"Really?? Is that true? I need to know, for blogging purposes."

"Of course it's true but you can't report what he said without including the fact of my name, which I fiercely prohibit. Report your own celebrity sightings."

b) (He did not.)
c) (He was eating whitefish lox, by itself.)

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