Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The triangle above and to the left of me

In a city this dense, moving (eventually) just a few blocks west of where I used to live actually significantly changes my neighbourhood and day-to-day. Jubilee is farther away, so I go to Gristedes in Battery Park City, which I think is supposed to be kind of yuppie and upscale, but is dirty and annoyingly overpriced. Sometimes I take advantage of Jubilee's free delivery, but usually I feel too guilty making some guy ride over here on his bike to bring me cigarettes and a carton of organic milk.

Also, I now live just a few steps from Tribeca. I guess I did before, but I didn't really explore it much, because it was west of my path uptown, and whenever I did happen to stumble through it, it seemed kind of deserted. Now I've realized that it's cunningly that way - the streets are very quiet, but around every corner there is a fantastic dimly-lit bistro or wine bar or cucina with, nowadays, a spill of tables outside. No wonder the celebs hang out there.

Last night I went to one of those unassuming places and hung out with some lawyers - by coincidence the only non-grad student type I ever associate with here. Probably everybody around us was somebody, but what do I know. We drank wine and tequila until they put all the chairs up and turned the lights on and swept us out the door.


Kate and/or Mike said...

Haha! Organic milk and cigarettes! Is that tobacco macrobiotic?

Anonymous said...

Well it obviously pays to be young and beautiful cuz once when Dad and I were with Doug and Ruth-Anne and we were middle-aged and beautiful, and urban(e) I might add, they sniffed and turned us away from a lot of posh, not-full bistros in DeNiro's neighborhood and one finally let us in but treated us like unworthies and so they can all kiss my ass in Tribeca.