Saturday, March 14, 2009

Guest Post: Grace may as well write this blog

I have been keeping myself busy by eating Newman O's (mint, of course), and drinking whiskey and beers at Max's bday party last night.

And something pretty crazy happened last night, so please follow closely. I'm attaching pictures, for clarity's sake. LOOK AT THEM IN ORDER.

Okay, I walk into Lakeside Lounge, a bar in eat village, for Max's bday. I've been there a lot before because that bar hosts a lot of bike race parties. *See first attachment, that's me at Lakeside, in November, at a bike race party.

Next, I see I grungy looking guy who looks really, REALLY familiar, and I of course assume it's because he's a grungy cyclist friend. So I smile at him, trying to figure out who he is, and he, noticing, smiles back at me, making the same look, which was, "I know that person, how do I know that person?!" Okay, so it wasn't a grungy cyclist, it was Kevin Corrigan, the actor (Superbad, Pineapple express, The Departed, Buffalo '66). *See second and third attachments.

Okay. Next is the kinda crazy funny part. Almost immediately, he walks straight up to me, in front of Tito, Janna, etc. And he begins to say something to me, then stops and says, "You know, I thought you were the actress, Clea Duval"... *See fourth attachment.

I got so embarrassed for having smiled at him like an idiot in the first place, and with everyone staring at me (they had already figured out who he was) and didn't have anything to say, so I said, "Yeah, I thought you were someone else too"... And then he took a drink of his drink and sat down with us and began talking to Max's band mate Josh. He never looked at me again.

HAHAHAHAHA! Okay, first of all, Grace, you look exactly like Clea Duvall. Wtf? Who is that? How is this possible? JUST LIKE HER.

Second, "Yeah, I thought you were someone else too" is the new "Go fuck yourself." Seriously, so funny. I don't know how it came out of your mouth, but in my brain it's "Fuck you. In your face." [swig]

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Not Available said...

I just saw Kevin Corrigan on Law & Order.

When I first saw Grace I thought she looked familiar. As I read on I realized I too was mistaking her for Clea Duval.