Friday, October 24, 2008

This is important

Babies, you know how your house is always dirty, and/or there is something in your house that should be fixed but is not being fixed? Babies, you also know how any attempts to work within the capitalist system are doomed to end up being ridiculous caricatures of economic justice, and yet as Camus points out the Marxian logic of deferring justice for the universal class until the end of history quickly degenerates into a callous and anti-humanist stance with respect to reform?

Well I have found the solution for you. Workers' collectives in Brooklyn! Workers' collectives are businesses owned by the workers themselves. All and only workers own the business. So everyone has a stake, everyone has a say, and everyone gets to reap full reward of their work.

My friend used their handyman service. So wonderful and helpful and inexpensive. I am calling the mujeres today about my disgusting radiators.

New York people, please pass this on...

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Kate and/or Mike said...

That's awesome! You'll totally have to post to tell us about the experience afterwards.