Friday, November 10, 2006

Now you have it on authority

Another Friday night and another soirée in Brooklyn. Thank God parties here don't start until 10. Gives you time to get stuff done during the day. Like go to a brutalizing pilates (pronounced "pa-LOTS") class hungover, and have the instructor chastise you for not being flexible. And have grilled cheese and a milkshake at a diner. And go see the new documentary on Kazakhstan, which has a male nudity scene in it that I am still recovering from. Wawaweewah!

Yes, I have to post about something other than drinking and philosophy, but this quote from Hume will help explain why I keep doing so:

"I am confounded with all these questions, and begin to fancy myself in the most deplorable condition imaginable, inviron'd in the deepest darkness. Most fortunately it happens, that since reason is incapable of dispelling these clouds, nature herself suffices to that purpose and cures me of this philosophical melancholy and delirium. I dine, I play a game of back-gammon, I converse, and am merry with my friends; and when after three or four hour's [sic] amusement, I wou'd return to these speculations, they appear so cold, and strain'd, and ridiculous, that I cannot find in my heart to enter into them any farther. [And] at the time that I am tir'd with amusement and company, I feel my mind all collected within itself, and am naturally inclin'd to carry my view into all those subjects, about which I have met with so many disputes in the course of my reading and conversation."

In other words, it's literally methodologically necessary to drink with friends so as to emerge from the depths of philosophical skepticism. Just as it is impossible to stay away from philosophy once one has had one's fill of merriment.


Diocletian said...

I don't know Marianne. That guy Hume looks like some kind of terrorist. I mean, he's got a TOWEL ON HIS HEAD!!!

If Julia Child became a terrorist, she'd look like that -- the Galloping Gourmet meets Wahabism on Pour the Wine tonight.

Besides, didn't David Hume, you know, consume, once or twice a day? I don't want to see you in that bad a shape, mademoiselle.

A said...

It sounds like to ideas of philosophy are derived from the impresions of the booze: the hangover.

Kate and/or Mike said...

In Kazakhstan, we call the nudity a "birthday party suit". A very Niiiiice.

Marianne said...

Who are earth are you, anonymous? Someone philosophical. Surely not someone in town. I hope.

a said...

Not quite - it is A in YVR