Friday, December 04, 2009

About that

Sometimes I will read pages and pages of my own blog (aka my internet diary). I'll skip to two years ago, and read a whole series of posts, and I'll get a vivid sense of what was happening then, what I was going through, who I was. Not that I ever publish the significant stuff, but what I do put down works well as a mnemonic device. It's like when you watch a movie adaptation after having read the book. If someone just asked you to rattle off the book, you wouldn't remember half of it. But if you watch the movie, even if you read the book years ago, you notice every little change, and remember everything that was left out.

So we broke up recently. It's difficult. But it wasn't right, and we knew it. And one of the reasons I knew, for my part, was because he never read my blog. He didn't read it, and that always bothered me. Sure we talked about it, and he had his reasons, and he would even read some bits if I asked him to, but it wasn't something he wanted to do. And that was something I could never come to terms with.


the goose a prisoner said...

weird. this is exactly what my last post was about. but, it's a video. and you're in parts of it.

Steve said...

on the bright side, you do have some loyal readers.

I tend to not go back and read my own writings.

Phil said...

I think once in a while I skim through my whole blog. Remembering what happened in the past was one of the points, really.

If you had a _bad_ blog, I could understand your partner not reading it, but come on. And not even wanting to read it?

M said...

Yeah. I mean, sometimes he would catch up with it cuz he knew it was important to me. But there was no indulgence in it, no excitement about it.

Anyway, Steve is right. It's so nice to have y'all.

Carina said...

You know that Nat King Cole song "Unforgettable"? Well, replace that word with "unforgivable" and you have my sentiments.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand him not reading your blog.

I read your blog, Marianne.